Designed for your needs Designed for your needs

Designed for your needs

Designed for your needs



Clear White

  • Clear White
  • Pure Beige
  • Marine Blue



2.7L diesel engine

The improved 2,665 cc J2 engine is a normally aspirated unit which produces 80 ps (59 kW)at 4,000 rpm and 16.8 kg·m (165 Nm) oftorque at 2,400. It generates quiet, capableand economic efficiency.

5 Speed manual transmission

The 5-speed manual transmission offers improved fuel efficiency and durability as well as smoother great shifts and NVH performance, resulting an enhanced ride and comfort.


Folding-type stopper

Safely props up long items that extend beyond the bed.

Easily operated catcher

Promises better grip thanks to its ergonomic handle while the inner spring ensures smooth movement.

Covered rear gate chain

The wraparound cover protects the chain from corrosion, thus maintaining lifelong use.

Round-edged brim cover

Allows easier loading and unloading as well as greater durability than edged designs.

We care first & foremost about you

Kia engineers carefully considered what a driver needs from a work truck, and have equipped the K-series with three advanced engine options. The 2.7litre J2 diesel powerplant in the K2700 is a top performer, offering quiet and economical performance.