Flatteringly striking looks Flatteringly striking looks

Flatteringly striking looks

The new shape of boldness



Clear White

  • Clear White
  • Clear White Gravity Grey
  • Steel Grey
  • Cherry Black
  • Black Pearl
  • White Pearl
  • Black Pearl Steel Silver
  • Black Pearl White Pearl
  • Goa Blue
  • Inteligency Blue Clear White
  • Black Pearl Intense Red
  • Intense Red
  • Punchy Orange
  • Punchy Orange Clear White
  • Orange Steel Silver
  • Orange White Pearl




Parking Distance Warning (PDW)

To help you park safely and confidently, PDW employs ultrasonic sensors mounted on the bumpers and uses audible alerts, and visual warnings on the supervison cluster, to warn you of any vehicles or obstacles ahead of you or behind you that may be getting too close.

Steering wheel auto remote control

Remote controls let you select radio stations and adjust volume without removing your hands from the steering wheel to let you remain focused on the road ahead.


Airbag system

To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the Seltos offers driver and front passenger airbags.

Stronger through added AHSS

From head to toe, the Seltos makes extensive use of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) throughout its well-reinforced chassis design. The result is exemplary control, dynamic performance, and enhanced occupant protection.