Ready to reinvent the game Ready to reinvent the game

Ready to reinvent the game

City driving has never been so cool



Pearl Black

  • Pearl Black
  • Deluxe White
  • Casa White
  • Dark Penta Metal
  • Infra Red
  • Sparkling Silver
  • Canyon Silver
  • Como Blue
  • Lunar Silver
  • Blue Frame
  • Coper Stone
  • New Orange



8-inch color LCD touchscreen audio

This simple-to-use, 8-inch touchscreen supports audio, navigation and control systems, and incorporates the rearview camera display with dynamic guidelines.

3.8-inch screen compact audio

Experience enhanced audio using the 3.8-inch screen designed for easy access and control.

3.5-inch monochrome TFT-LCD

Valuable information including total mileage, outside temperature, average speed and distance traveled is clearly displayed, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

USB port

You and your passengers can connect USB or other mobile devices for convenient music playback.


Steering-wheel mounted controls enable you to effortlessly stay connected while on the move.

Audio remote control

Fingertip control of the sound system means you will never be distracted from the road ahead.

Ventilation and USB charger for 2nd row passengers

old or warm air is available when needed and your rear seat passengers can also recharge their devices on the go.

Manual temperature control

Soft touch switches and dials enable you to adjust the temperature so it’s exactly right for you and your passengers.

Dual Zone Full Auto Temperature Control (D-FATC)

Set-and-forget functionality turns the air conditioner and heater on and off automatically to maintain the perfect temperature for you and your passengers at all times.

Parking guide system

Steering wheel mounted angle sensors and a rear-view camera indicate the projected trajectory of your vehicle for added safety.

Aerodynamic improvements

The smart rear-spoiler side garnish minimizes the drag coefficient for improved fuel efficiency while a state-of-the-art wheel air curtain improves the flow of air around the front wheels to offer you a more comfortable driving experience.


Phenomenal rigidity with smarter materials

The Sportage boasts substantial torsional rigidity thanks to strategic application of remarkably strong materials such as hot-stamped steel. The body resists twisting forces, so jolts are absorbed with precision. In the event of a collision, impact forces are managed in ways that better protect the occupant space.

6 airbags

Airbags placed strategically throughout the interior offer protection for you and your passengers in the event of a collision. * Remarkably strong steel, including hot-stamped steel, is used throughout the Sportage, as a crucial element of its well-reinforced chassis design. The result is exemplary control, perfomance, and occupant protection. Because strength and safety go hand in hand Advanced adhesives We’ve applied a best-in-class 103 meters of structural adhesive to enhance vehicle body strength while minimizing noise and vibration for a smoother ride. *Curtain/Lateral airbags airbags available depending on version